This is not a traditional print-service but an all analog chemical adventure!

By turning pixels into real color molecules, we carefully convert your photo into an original Polaroid picture. With highly complex chemical reactions adding unpredictable characteristics, your photo becomes a true analog original of no other kind.


Some things never go out of style

This is the most popular Polaroid format with the classic white frame. Turn your photo into a little legend, and add the packaging of your choice:


Your digital photo converted into a real Polaroid, coming to you in a simple little paper envelope.

€ 5.00

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Paper Folder

Enjoy your Polaroid photo purely, simply protected by our hand-made, beautiful paper folder

€ 9.00

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Lift It

We expose your photo on a classic Polaroid, soak it in a warm bath and transfer the floating emulsion lift on a high quality cardboard. It's magic.

€ 15.00

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Framed (small)

Your Polaroid photo comes sticked (non-removable) in a wooden frame (15x18cm), made by an Italian carpenter in the Vatican

€ 20.00

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** Christmas Special ** X-Mas Bauble **

Decorate your Christmas tree the most personal way or give this bauble with your photo transferred onto its surface as a magic gift

€ 22.00

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**ARTS&CRAFT SPECIAL ** Ceramic Hanger **

Your photo will be exposed on a Polaroid and lifted to the surface of a ceramic hanger, handmade by our dear friend Rici. The structure of the ceramic adds a truly unique touch to your photo - perfect to decorate your Christmas tree or the walls of your home

€ 22.00

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Grande Grandezza

Be brave, take 5

We develop your favorite digital photo on Polaroid Originals 8x10 Black & White film, exposed through our 8x10 camera which we rescued from a traditional small portrait studio in the 15th district that ran out of business in 2014.

Paper Folder

Order your 8x10 photo in a hand-made paper folder (perfect for all kinds of reutilisation)

€ 40.00

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The biggest Polaroid format ever

This format breaks all records - exposed on original Polaroid material from the 80s and 90s, your photos will find themselves with stunning characteristics on a 20x24 inch / 50x60 cm format. Spread your arms and choose:

Paper sleeve

Carefully wrapped in tissue paper and held together by an embossed paper sleeve

€ 250.00

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Your 20x24 photo framed in a high quality wooden frame with glass

€ 300.00

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Alchemy at a mouse click

This technique dates from 1851 and is photography in its purest form. Transform your photo into a unique image, formed by a wispy layer of silver on a fragile sheet of glass, made with love by wet-plate alchemist Zoltán Janota.

Cardboard Box

Receive your wet-plate safely protected in our hand-made cardboard box

€ 95.00

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Your wet-plate perfectly framed in a hand-made wooden frame. Attention: not removable from frame.

€ 120.00

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Jelly Jewel

Wear your photo

Reduced to the max, this wonderful jewel consists of just a silver circle and a wonderful piece of antique class. The latter caries the emulsion lift of your photo. Sounds complicated. Is magic. Just try and see.

Wooden Casket

Your jewel comes shipped safely in a beautiful wooden box

€ 90.00

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